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We're changing Domain Registrars!

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We're changing Domain Registrars!

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We would like to inform all our valued customers that we will be changing our Domain Registrar from ResellerClub to for gTLD extension (.com, .net, .org) starting from 01-September-2022. We have been working hard to find a registrar that can offer more competitive domain prices and we are happy to announce that we have found one!
With this change, you will be able to continue enjoying the same domain pricing that you are used to and remain competitive after the change.

What's new with the change to the new domain registrar?
- Free domain privacy protection
- More competitive domain prices
- More domain extension options

Why do you want to change the Domain Registrar?
We've had to adjust our domain prices multiple times in recent years due to price hikes by our registrar, ResellerClub. In order to remain competitive, we've decided to transfer to Registrar, which offers lower prices and more added features such as free privacy protection (worth RM24/year).

What does this mean for you?
Your domain will remain the same and there is no action required on your part. You will continue to enjoy the same domain pricing and features. In addition, we will be introducing new features and benefits, such as Free Domain Privacy Protection.

What happen to my domain after 01-September-2022?
Your domain will remain as it is after 01-September-2022. However, any renewals on the domain after 01-September-2022, we will perform the Registrar Transfer on your domain so the domain will transfer to the new Registrar (WebNic) to enjoy the new feature provided by Registrar. As the Domain Owner, you will receive an email notification from us and WebNic to inform you that your domain is transferring by Cynet Hosting. This is a legitimate email and you don't need to take any action on the email. The domain will complete the Registrar Transfer in 5-10 days. The domain is remain manageable under our company after transfer.

What happen to my domain during Registrar Transfer?
Although the transfer process may take a few days to complete, your domain will continue to work during this time. You will receive an email notification when the transfer is processed. This is a legitimate email and you don't need to take any action on the email. After the transfer, the domain ownership remains the same and the domain is still manageable under our company.

How can I get the FREE privacy protection after Registrar Transfer?
If your domain is renewed after 01-September-2022, the domain will transfer to new Registrar during renewal. Once the transfer completed, you can enable the Privacy protection in the domain addon option. However, if the transfer failed or your domain is expired before renewal, the domain will remain with old Registrar and the Privacy Protection is not free.

Can I get the Free Privacy Protection now?
To get free privacy protection, you can renew your domain in advance so it can transfer to a new Registrar. Please contact us to renew in advance.

We remain committed to providing you with the best possible service and competitive prices. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you for your continued support.

Best Regards,
Cynet Hosting

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